Through our ICT program we try to equip students with necessary computing skills that they might require in their day to day lives. Our curriculum mainly focuses on providing students with knowledge of the most commonly used software and editing tools. The progression of work gradually increases with each grade level. Once the students are thorough with the usage of tools, they are given activity templates which they need to finish using all the formatting and editing tools they have mastered. The ICT skills are used to

  • Create report using word processing
  • Research facts on internet
  • Conduct survey
  • Create, organize and infer date in excel-spreadsheets,
  • Produce animated story and presentation,
  • Edit photo and other elements for presentations and other activities

It is worthwhile to note that there will be opportunities for student-initiated, spontaneous inquiries into the use of ICT that are not directly related to any planned units of inquiry or single-subject areas. For example, a student contributing to a class blog may want to start his or her own blog as a personal reflection journal. These are valuable teaching and learning opportunities in themselves, and provide teachers and students with the opportunity to apply the pedagogy of the PYP to authentic, of-the-moment situations.