Arts are viewed as a form of expression that is inherent in all cultures. They are powerful means to assist in development of proficiency as musicians, actors and visual artists, acquire listening and viewing skills and exhibit their creativity. This is achieved through


Through the Readers Theatre program students develop their creative skills, verbal and non-verbal expression an awareness of the perspective of others and aesthetic appreciation. Drama enables students to communicate in powerful ways to go beyond their spoken language ability.


Music includes the study and exploration of sound and expressive use of musical elements. Students join together in musical activities using their voice and simple musical instruments to develop concepts about sound. Students learn different genres of music to give them a complete awareness of music applied in different cultures, places and time.


Through the dance program students learn to move their bodies in rhythm, usually in time to music. Students learn to express themselves in a non-verbal manner. Students get a platform to narrate a story, set a mood or express emotions. Dance from a wide range of genres are covered. Dance is used as a source of recreation, fun, relaxation and it provide a good excuse to exercise.