The programme of inquiry provides an authentic context for learners to develop and use language. Wherever possible, language is taught through the relevant, authentic context of the units of inquiry. Learning of all Languages is built on the progression of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing Skills. The Students acquire these skills in the Primary Years and are ready to face challenges in the path of learning. Language is a tool to communicate and create global culture of acceptance and integrity.

The writing and reading modules ensure in-depth understanding of the language and equip the students to become communicator. Overall, all the students master the communication skills with the help of the strands of written, oral and visual language have been described separately, and are represented by following continuums:

  • Listening: Seeking information, gaining knowledge, inferring, making judgments and enjoying and respecting the language.
  • Speaking: Storytelling, arguing, defending, using literary devices and presenting opposite point of view.
  • Viewing and presenting: Interpreting, analyzing and discussing media in its essential forms. Understanding and exploring various presentations to reflect and learn from them. To be able to understand the purpose of others and present own ideas.
  • Reading: Reading across the genres, identifying elements of plot and pattern, understanding authors’ purpose, generating new knowledge and connecting to prior knowledge.
  • Writing: Exposure to descriptive, narrative, instructional, biographical, persuasive, fiction, reports, nonfiction and many other forms of writing.