Constantly upgrading and raising its academic standard, the High School curriculum monitors student relevance in a global context through consistent student-preparedness for International Standardized Exams.

• Teaching and learning methodologies are experiential, interactive, hands-on and relevant
• Experiential approach in all academic fields form the core of all action plans
• Range of syllabus choices match with the requirements of students’ preferences, higher education and placement demands

To align with the international educational standard, the curriculum offered caters to all relevant skill development through various platforms : Discussion forums, Debates, SIMUN, Competitions, Exhibitions, Sports/Art Fests, Robotics/STEM LAB, Carnivals, Field Trips etc.,

The international curriculum is balanced hence through an integrated approach. The specific academic components are thus structured to meet this objective. Internationally certified PD/training programmes are conducted both in-house and from internationally recognized online platforms, to ensure the success of North Campus’ curriculum structure.

Nurturing an international pedagogy until Grade 9, TIPS North Campus aims to map its objectives with the High School and Senior grades as well. Aiming to balance the international syllabus with that of the University choices that students aim for, TIPS North Campus has developed an action plan and curriculum that caters to students’ higher education at global level. Creating a portfolio for each student that ensures a smooth transition from school to University is of high significance in the senior grades curriculum plan. The curriculum thus incorporates skill based learning that lets students interacts through various structured platforms to put into practice what the various academic disciplines have inculcated.