In Grades 1-5, we continue to build on the basics which the students have already mastered in the kindergarten. Continuous Cognitive development along with life skills is emphasized. The pace is now increased, but the celebration of learning and exploration is present throughout.

The young learners are taught how to find information from the things around them. They are encouraged to probe the necessity behind each entity’s existence. Here, you will find the joy of exploration. The buzz throughout the hallways, represents students learning and engagements. They learn with involvement using their five primary senses and consciously put the knowledge gained through learning to action using their unique sixth sense. Throughout primary we all strive to create opportunities for children to wonder and explore. Kids ponder over concepts, set their goals with help of strategies, combine their ideas with strenuous research and deliver their understanding using creativity. We partner with parents and community members to provide a program that supports student growth socially, emotionally, physically, and academically. The parent community is given the opportunity to analyse the growth and provide regular feedbacks in terms of overall development of the students.

The aim of primary is to create a curriculum that is engaging, relevant, significant and challenging. We are committed, in enabling the student to realise his/her potential as a unique social being by cooperating with others around them.