Students will be exposed to a number of activities that will develop motor skills, which may later be applied in various physical activities within and beyond the school setting. They will become aware of a number of positive leisure-time pursuits.

In P.E, students are exposed to a wide range of physical and health-related activities and experiences so that they can make informed choices throughout their lives.

Students are encouraged to participate in an active lifestyle and recognize the ways in which exercise affects their body and their overall fitness or well-being, developing an understanding of the role of physical activity in a healthy lifestyle.

Students also come to recognize that P.E takes place within a cultural context that should be appreciated. P.E offers students the opportunity to set themselves physical objectives, gaining pleasure or satisfaction from accomplishing these physical tasks or challenges and reflecting on their performance.

Along with the structured curriculum for PE, students get opportunities to participate in various individual and team games to test their metal in the field.

We also organize annual interschool Swimming Tournament, Soccer Challenge, Badminton fest and martial arts competitions amongst various activities.