Math is a big part of our classrooms at TIPS and goes beyond counting words to understanding the concept. The domain of mathematics includes preschool benchmarks in: Sense of numbers, Identification of relationships in objects, Concepts of geometry, and Analysis of Data Information. Young children are natural mathematicians, fascinated by what is “bigger,” wanting “more” of their favorite things, and very concerned with whether the distribution of those things is “fair.” these kinds of observations of the world are mathematical at their core because they are about quantity and size.

Early year children’s experiences of the world are equally affected by ideas about spatial relationships and shape. They explore the concepts of geometry whether they are maneuvering through the living room, building a block tower, or choosing a puzzle piece. Such daily experiences are packed with mathematical concepts that fascinate and challenge young thinkers and can eventually prompt analytical thought, growing precision, and abstraction.

Math in Focus program establishes the basic mathematical concepts in their day-to-day life. The mathematical program comprises of:

  • Sand-paper tracing of numbers
  • Playing with shapes
  • Counting with rhymes and manipulative
  • Building tower and blocks
  • Construction kits
  • Mathematical games for understanding various concepts like big and small, more and less, low and high, and many others.
  • Puzzles for Number and shapes