Creating Portfolios

Students participate in portfolio creation and updation every semester. These portfolios are the record of various activities the children have participated during the academic year. They not only select the work for carry forward portfolio but also reflect on the reasons for selecting their work. This teaches them to prioritize and be reflective of their work. It indeed is an essential skill to develop from the early years.

Ask an Expert

Early years students are introduced to real world role models to connect them with real life experiences. Usually they are their working parents and neighbors who have made a difference in any significant manner.   This helps them to actually connect the classroom experiences to the real world outside the boundaries of home and school.

Knowledge obtained in the classroom may sometimes be limited. Experts from various fields (Medical, Agricultural, Defense, Entrepreneurs etc) are brought in to provide ways in which their theoretical knowledge may be applied practically in daily lives. This broadens their understanding of the concepts.

Field Trip

A Field trip is a visit to a place outside the regular classroom which is designed to achieve certain objectives, which cannot be achieved as well by using other means. It facilitates the learning of abstract concepts. Taking students on a field trip makes learning more effective as they will be able to gain vast ideas on the topic. Field trips can add variety to the regular classroom instructional program and they tend to be special and enjoyable learning experiences. Field trips make students aware of learning activities in everyday life.  It enhances the curriculum and provides experiential learning.

Film, Movie and Video

Early years children love animation movies and learn so much from them. It is our responsibility to provide them with best educational content to make them realize the true message from the media they are exposed to. Movies and videos play a valuable role in the education process and are an important aspect of a teacher’s strategy in providing lesson material to students. They do a great job of reinforcing a point that teachers are trying to make in class. Through Visual representation information is processed better. Videos, shown on concepts being dealt in class, help to strengthen and reinforce teaching in the classroom. Students are shown videos and later are asked to summarize their learning in the form of a brief review, a class discussion or any other form of presentation.

Sports, Dance, Drama and Music

Students participate enthusiastically in dance, drama and sports to engage in the day to day activities. Annual showcase of their talent in the form of “Festival” is an acknowledgment to their talent and learning. These festivals provide opportunities to excel in their area of interest.