Integrated science and social science program makes sure that all the children are challenged at just the right level for their capabilities. Explorations in science are individualized learning experiences to let each child have an experience to investigate their surroundings.

Sciences in Early years include demonstrating curiosity about the world around, beginning to use practices of science and engineering (building block and other constructions), exploring life, physical and earth sciences (simple experiments while playing with the toys and growing plants), and connecting science and engineering to their world for example:

  • Water cycle
  • Plant growth,
  • Various types of plants around
  • States of matter etc..
  • Social sciences in Early years include concepts related to
  • Model citizenship,
  • Ecosystem, Transport system, Human migration
  • Human interdependence,
  • Awareness of family, friends, self and neighborhood

The knowledge and understanding gained through these experiences prepare children to become informed and engaged citizen of the world.