Practical Life materials and exercises are designed to contribute to the development of both small and large motor skills. They also assist the child in becoming self-efficient and independent.

Physical skills

  •    Control of movement
  •    Silence game
  •    Walking the line

Respect and care of environment

  •    Squeezing a sponge
  •    Sweeping the floor
  •    Pouring grains and water
  •    Clamping clothespins
  •    Rolling a rug
  •    Using tools such as hammers and screwdrivers
  •    Opening and closing jar lids
  •    Opening and closing latches
  •    Using a strainer, beater, whisk
  •    Scrubbing a shell, rock, doll
  •    Caring for animals
  •    Recycling

Community service

•    Collecting teddy bears for a local children’s shelter

Grace, courtesy and etiquette

  •    Greeting someone
  •    “Please” and “Thank you”
  •    Walking around the rug
  •    Shaking hands


  •    Care of person
  •    Dressing frame
  •    Large button frame
  •    Zipper frame
  •    Snapping frame
  •    Hanging up coat
  •    Combing hair
  •    Washing hands
  •    Health and safety
  •    Nutrition and food preparation