Science for the toddler means activities where the child can directly observe and manipulate physical properties. The tactile element is the key ingredient for learning about their world. Appropriate science activities for toddlers allow for the maximum child interaction and minimal adult intervention. These activities make a significant contribution to the child’s development because they foster autonomous functioning. When children can manipulate materials and equipment and discover on their own, they feel a great sense of mastery and positive satisfaction which helps build their self concepts. It is extremely important to remember that it is the process not the product that is important and creates learning within the child.

Life Science

  • Plant care
  • Animal care
  • Nature walks
  • Living v. nonliving
  • Life cycles

Physical Science

  • Sink and float activities
  • Gravity
  • Magnetic v. nonmagnetic
  • Color mixing
  • Weight/balance

Earth Science

  • Water properties
  • Weather/seasons
  • Oceans
  • Rocks

Scientific reasoning and technology

  • Observation
  • Measures