A vital component of the curriculum, it stimulate, educate and refine the child’s senses. Sensorial materials are designed to simplify learning and awareness of the environment by:

  •         Isolating the senses at different levels of difficulty
  •          Encouraging mastery through repetition
  •          Possessing self-correction within the material
  •          Presenting an attractive appearance to the child

By working with Montessori sensorial materials, children develop the organization and patterning skills inherent in math and language concepts. These materials include:


  •    Pink tower
  •    Knobbed cylinders
  •    Broad stair
  •    Knobless cylinders
  •    Color tablets box 1 and 2
  •    Binomial cube


  •    Touch boards
  •    Fabric-extreme textures


•    Sound cylinders